Pygoscelis's Page My Personal Playground

Haskell's Main Page A great reference for the Haskell Programming Language.
Erlang's Main Page Here you can learn information about Erlang.
Real World Haskell Book A free book by Bryan O'Sullivan, Don Stewart, and John Goerzen.
Ruby Language A Object-oriented langauge
Learn You a Haskell for Great Good! Another free book about Haskell with a slightly more comical approach.
Practical Common Lisp This is a free book about Common Lisp by Peter Seibel.
C++ Website Great forum for searching for solutions to bugs or problems.
(Twitter) Bootstrap A great CSS framework with which this website was coded.
Laravel Framework A PHP Framework that really outdoes many of its competitors.
GitHub A website which details a service using the revision control system git.
emacs text-editor One of the top terminal-based text editors avaliable.
Eclipse IDE A very nice IDE that is well designed and will run cross platform.
BlueJ IDE A amazing editor for Java ,and it is endorsed by James Gosling.
Python Language A sophisticated white-space oriented language that is partially functional and very powerful.
Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good A book similar to Learn You A Haskell, however it is obviously about Erlang the concurrent functional language.
Graph QL A really neat Query Language
Platypus An anset-set implementation from Potsdam University. It's a type of logic language.
Scala.js A way to compile Scala to JavaScript
Programming in Scala, First Edition A book by Martin Odersky on Scala which is freely available.
Scala Test A testing framework for Scala
BuckleScript A JavaScript backend for OCaml that is really neat.
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs A free book through MIT Press known also as the Wizard Book
Elixir A programming language built on top of the Erlang VM with a slightly nicer syntax.
High Performance Browser Networking A free book on networking
Etudes of Elixir A very nice book on Elixir